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By The People
23 August 2010
Mood:  incredulous

Nude scanners in the airport and at court houses. ID and proof of citizenship required. You give up your right to privacy if you choose to travel. Potentially lethal drugs such as statins added to treated water.

I could go on but unless you've buried your head in the sand you know the trend. People this is not the democratic repulic that men have died to defend. It's not time to change the constitution, it's time to enforce it. Be real folks there is not provision in the constitution for a waver of liability for private agencies and entities.

We are under a continual attack on the right to be free from unwarrented search, interferance and dictation concerning our religious practices, taxation of religious institutions (given that congress has no authority to pass laws regarding religious establishments). Every soldier and official of the United States swears to defend the constitution against traitorous infrigement, even by those giveing socalled lawful orders. Obey the constitution and the UCMJ. Defend the constitution not the prerogatives and tyranny of traitors.

It's time to eliminate the unreasonable strip searches by TSA, the "pat downs" the nudity scanners. It's morally, constitutionally and even criminally wrong. Refuse and sue. Stop being complacent. If you don't get up and defend democratic principles like the automony of the individual you will end this nation and find that you helped to establish a totalitarian regime that makes Soviet Russia look benign. WAKE UP!

? Fred Davis. fd4ds5 at 2:44 PM PDT

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