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By The People
9 April 2009
An Open Recission

Mr Obama,


We the People ask you not to go through with the proposed reversal of the recent changes to the conscience clause.  This was one of the rare moments where Bush was presidential and pro-Constitution.  Do not add to the damage of the Bush administration by reversing one of the pale attempts he made to rehabilitate his record.


When you were elected it was to combat the insane abuses of presidential authority and human rights that the Bush Administration blithely perpetrated.  We looked to you to turn back the course of this greatest threat to the Constitution that we had ever seen.  The proposed change to the conscience provisions is a least as draconian as anything Mr. Bush ever did.


By removing the protection to choose not to take a life and engage in euthanasia because of personal conscience you are instituting a policy that is a clear violation of the 1'st and 14'th amendments. It directly infringes on the right to the free exercise of religion, and it directly discriminates against people on the basis of creed.  Further it allows individuals, courts and institutions to do so on a regular basis.


While this proposed rule change is not an new act of Congress, it is the activity of the Executive to applying an existing one.  It's only authority is that of a confessional act and to knowingly apply it in a way that violates the Constitution is an act of conspiracy to violate the civil rights of a class of people.  If you argue that it is done under the authority of Article 2 then you are taking the same criminal position with regard to unilateral decision making that the Bush administration did.  Either way you are violating the principles that got you elected and your oath of office.


Deal with the black caucus running rough shod over your authority as chief diplomat and find a way to pressure the justice dept. to prosecute Bush, Yoon and Gonsales.  This would be a great achievement.  But don't make the keynote of your administration an attack on the 90 percentile of the American people who believe in "live and let live but don't make *me* participate in or witness things I find repugnant".


? Fred Davis. fd4ds5 at 8:46 AM PDT
Updated: 9 April 2009 8:47 AM PDT

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