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By The People
1 April 2009
A First Amendment

As I've thought over my comments in the last blog I begin to realize that I limited myself in an unfortunate way.  I used the term Umanned Aerial Weapons and I stand behind the need for a moritorium on those, but the term UAW would easily apply to a better umbrella term.  I'd like to ammend the term UAW to mean Unmanned Antipersonnel Weapons.  With this change the previous blog entry stands.

Unmanned weapons needn't be limited to those that fly. Drone tanks and gun platforms, antipersonnel mines, and remotly detonated or timed bombs are just as surely Unmanned Weapons, and we can see that the non computerized versions of these weapons are a toxic violation of international Laws of War.  This is made obvous by the current UN postitions and treaties regarding antipersonnel mines.

It might seem like a romantic notion, but war was more sane when men were forced to stare the man they killed in the eyes and recognize his humanity.  The more removed the attacker is from his target the less human the attacker is.  Subjecting himself to personal risk is the only way a man can ever kill and not become a monster and a danger to society.


? Fred Davis. fd4ds5 at 3:08 AM PDT

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