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By The People
13 February 2009
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: Politics

Some of you, if you actually see this, might wonder why there is over a year between the last two posts. The answer is patience. I'd said what needed to be said, and my voice was not the only one speaking. I left it to the congress to try to clean up the mess the out going lame turkey had left us. But true to form they allowed themselves to get embroiled in yet another of his schemes to destroy this country. His parting blow being the rescue/stimulus package.

It was clear that Obama was not what he pretended, but I seriously had my doubts that the American people who used death threats and extortion to keep Joe Lieberman and a celebrated General Officer like Colin Powell out of the running, would have the will to elect a black man to office.

Really they didn't. Estranged Kenyan father, Indonesian step father, white mother and a childhood spent living abroad -- what connection does this man really have to "the black experience." I don't doubt he is capable, intelligent and motivated. But it's disengenuous for him to pretend a shared identity with the man who was born to black American parents and raised in the racial cook pot Illinois of circa 1970. But that is a topic for another discussion.

I have been waiting for the dust to settle and for the hooplah to die down, while the congress made a show of investigating the Bush Administration. But as usual it's been all show and no go. A No Va like GM. But imagine my dismay to find that some of the most outspoken opponents of Bush's, and honestly the Repulican Party's, illegal wire tapping, torture and attempts to deny the right to privacy (and yes the Supreme Court has upheld The Fourth Amedment as garaunteeing privacy) have turned about and are now proposing a national MEDICAL ID. In place of the miserable Real ID and the E-Verify, which they wisely pummeled with the stimulus package, the Democrats have simply substituted a series of studies that culminate in mandatory participation in medical tracking and the warehousing of your private medical records in a central database, where they can be perused at leisure by the federal government.

Sadly one of the Authors of this bill had the gall to ask, "What's so bad about wanting to save some money." That's like Captain Kramer (Commandant of Belsin) saying, "what's wrong with a little target practice and dog walking." Mister Obey it's how you do it that matters. Saving money by refusing to treat people because some actuarial table says they will die soon is murder. And the people drafting the bill, and yes that means you, are directly responsible for the suffering and death that will inevitably occur. You sir, are no better than and not signifiantly different from Alberto Gonzales. You seem to be a sincre man, and in the past you've clearly sought to promote the House Rules and perform in a manner that is fiscally and ethically upright. But this one bill is enough to outweigh any good you've ever done and unless you lead a movement to overturn the "Medical Information Technology" and "Medical Cost Savings" provisions of this bill you won't ever recover your integrity. But perhaps that doesn't trouble you.

I thought they were the party of change and new direction. This is reactionism to the politics and doctrines of the Tories under George III. Now I know the revolutionary war is not a hot-bed topic for most of us, and the fake-newsies would mock. But then they mocked us about torture in Cuba and about secret prisons and about a host of other issues where the Bush Administration mirrored that of Adolf Hitler. That is, until US Senators appearing as guests on their shows confirmed these issues on National Television. It really does take a slap stick to the temple to make Mr. Stewart really notice what he's mocking, and to make Mr. Colbert really think past his smug Characatures.

Don't mock. THINK! Our mutual future depends on watching washington more closely and actually acting to hinder the agendi of BOTH political parties. I'm not being alarmist, when the president that everyone in the media is so in love with that he can do no wrong, uses that love fest to sneak National ID and government funded Euthenasia Targeted primarily at the aged, through a congress that proudly proclaims its determination to be compassionate and reverse the totolitarian trend in US Government.

So I don't know if I'll be having cause to blog more often. I hope and pray that in the very near future the people will surprise me by waking up and taking back the power they've given into the hands of incompetents and maliscious politicos. If that were to happen then likely this blog -- designed to stir people to take back the reigns of power and change government from rule by the Corporations, for the Subcultural Minority and of the Wealthy Minority; to the fabulous vision that Lincoln espoused on that dolorus day in Gettesberg -- would likely become irrelevant. But it's a very thin hope. In an Era of "strict constructionist" judges, we have a federal circuit court daring to hear a case and go so far as to make a ruling on a properly drafted and legally implemented amendment to a State Constitution. The hope that the people govern themselves and Democracy (rule by the simple majority) is fading far to quickly.

? Fred Davis. fd4ds5 at 5:11 PM PST
Updated: 13 February 2009 6:08 PM PST

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